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Passion may be a friendly or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal,
cause, discovery, or activity or love to a feeling of unusual excitement.

Behind every brand is an interesting story,

Others love hearing it, especially customers, and the Tag Ghada jewelry brand has a story to tell.
A young man, who was in his twentieth of his life, ambitious and hard-working, seeking to build his own world .. He draws his features in his vast imagination to make it his goal that he will achieve
This young man worked in making jewelery as an ambitious seller in parallel with his university studies at the College of Pharmacy .. Our young friend was fond of hours, so he bought a luxurious watch from a coin product based on himself .. Think about the luxury watch trade and when his father found that effort and activity he bought from him and earned it It has to be an encouragement to him and moral support .. And little by little he started taking away from his teachers the origins of the craft and the rules of trade and all that he took information .. He added to his goal a development .. So this young man managed the craft and the origins of trade and decided to straighten his dream and start to establish his world .. And indeed, after his meeting Supporters around him, including the advisers, brothers, and close associates. He founded a jewelry store and worked in it as a first stage .. Nothing comes at once.

And with work, good handling, and what he received from the customers from the shop with their beautiful smiles and complete satisfaction .. He decided to expand his dream and announced that the Ghada Palace for Jewelry and Watches would be his first branch independently in Real Estate in Riyadh in 2004, joining with a group of experts in the field of gold, jewelry and watches, then to The second branch in Taiba Gold Markets .. After only 5 years from the first step in its beautiful project to shine with a team with experience and good creation and management in the main center with more space and higher capabilities in Taiba Gold Markets .. The dream continues in development to establish a diamond factory in Riyadh. And the opening of the fourth branch at the Royal Mall.

That young man started a young boy with diligence, perseverance, oldness and his big dream with him, and he never stopped seeking with his loyal team of development to provide his customers with the best services and the most beautiful jewelry at competitive prices.
It maintains its beautiful customers smile and complete satisfaction … and the dream is still developing.

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